Vienna’s English Theatre: The Fame Game A play for the 4th forms

“Is fame really worth the price? Two teenagers want to hit the big time with singing – but there are some problems. The plot is nothing new: Young love and people who want to be famous […], lies and betrayal.”  Florian Karner, 4CL


“To be honest, we didn't like the book, basically we were quite bored when we were reading it. But when we saw the performance we were surprised because it was unbelievably good. The actors and actresses were doing a brilliant job and also their dancing and singing was great. The atmosphere was pleasant during and after the show.

When the performance was over we spoke with the actresses/actors. They asked for our opinion and what they should improve. It was a nice conversation. Before we went back to school Prof. Zechner took a photo of some of us and the cast onstage. “The Fame Game” was a great experience for all of us.”

Stefanie  Steinberger and Michelle Riesemann, 4AF


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