A visual summary of the whole week

Day 1: 

On the 11th of June our trip to Konin in Poland began. First we met at the train station in Judenburg at 10:45 a.m. in the morning. Later at 11:00 a.m. our train arrived and we got in.  

After about 3 hours spent in the train, we finally arrived in Vienna, where we changed our train in order to get to Warsaw. The trip was very long and everybody was exhausted, but we managed to kill our time with talking, reading or playing games, like cards, so that way our time passes quicker. 

After ybout 11 hours of journey we finally arrived in Warsaw. From there we had to take a little walk with our suitcases trough the gorgeous city of Warsaw and find our beloved hotel. During the little walk we joked a lot and took many pictures together. At about almost 23:00 we reached our hotel and were so thankful to take a quick shower and just go to sleep in order to be fit and full of energy for the next day.  

Patricia Boran 

Day 2: 

It was the second day of our great trip and we were in Warsaw. In the morning, we went to a restaurant to eat our morning breakfast. After the fantastic breakfast, we paid a ticket for a sightseeing tour, to see this great city in all its fantastic views. We liked that tour very much, because the guide knew many great stories to all of the sights in Warsaw. After that, our bus took us to the old town of Warsaw. It was wonderful to see also the old part of the city, because until then, we only have seen the new and modern part of it. After that cool experience, we went back to the hotel with the underground-train. At the night, we went to a very good restaurant to ate something. It was interesting to see what kind of food polish people eat. We recognized many differences to our food, so it was a fantastic experience for us. We all liked that day very much and would like to visit Warsaw again. 

Ulrich Spitzer 

Day 3: 

That day we could sleep a little bit longer. At half past nine we walked in the direction of the city centre to get some breakfast. At first, we wanted to go to Starbucks, but on the way, we went by a little café. It looked very nice, and when we noticed the Wi-Fi there, we were finally convinced. The food was very good, and after the delicious breakfast we went back to our hotel. There we waited in the hotel foyer for the bus that took use with our Danish partners to Konin. While we were waiting we worked on our presentations for the following evening. When the bus arrived we were very relieved, because we were already tired of waiting. The bus ride ticked away very slowly. In between we stopped at McDonalds’, because the Danish group had not eaten anything until up to that point. 

When we came closer to Konin, we got a little bit excited. Our host families were already waiting for us in front of the school and they were very happy that we arrived finally in Konin. We got off the bus, took our suitcases and drove to our host families’ homes. There we could talk with our host families and got to know them. 

Birgit Gall 

Day 4: 

On Tuesday, we had to get up early to drive to the centre of Konin, where we met each other. As the last person arrived, we started the “City Game”. We were split up into four groups, in which we did different activities. For example, we had to dance a typical Polish dance, which was danced by kings and queens. After that, we had to find different animals in the city park and to write their names in our diverse languages on sheets of paper. Further, we had to dress up as bride and groom and we had to run a few metres with tied together feet. 

At midday, we went to a pizzeria to eat something and talk and laugh. Afterwards, we had free time, where we met each other to get each other known and to share our experiences. 

In the afternoon, we met at the school “Gimnazjum Nr 2” to present the activities, which we did in Austria. After the presentation, the buffet was opened and the music started to play. When the first dancers rocked the dancefloor, everybody started dancing and moving around on the party. Unfortunately, we had to go home at 11 p.m. It was a great day, and the disco was big fun. 

Stefan Mischlinger 

Day 5: 

On Wednesday we visited the institution „Podaj Dalej” which is a special care centre for people with special needs. We were divided into three groups. There were three activities that were prepared for us. 

The first station was a meeting with the disabled painter Malgosia. She has a rare disability that makes it difficult to do things with her hands. Because of the disability she has to use her feet to draw. But she also does daily activities with her feet. It was amazing and inspirational to see her dealing with her disability. 

On the second station, we were learning how to drive in a wheelchair. At the beginning we thought it is easy. However, we realized that it is not that easy as it seems. It is very difficult to stay in balance at the wheelchair. This balance is needed to go down ramps for example. 

On the third station we played basketball in a wheelchair. This station was very funny for all of us. A professional disabled basketball player showed us how to play the game in wheelchair. After the theory we played a small match. 

At the afternoon we had free time, that we could spend with our guest family. 

 Christian Rößler  

Day 6: 

In the morning we had a nice awake at 5 am. We met up at school and went to Warsaw by bus. It was a very funny drive, even though it lasted 3 hours. When we arrived in Warsaw, we first went to the museum of the Polish Jews. It was pretty interesting but also sad. The next place we visited was the Polish palace for science and  culture. It was built by the Russians during the cold war. There we enjoyed the beautiful view from the tower. Our next station was the biggest Polish film studio, where we learned much about the filming of movies in general and especially about the making of the Polish war-film “Karbala”. We also got some bloody make-up on our faces, it was really terrifying but before this, we went to the Lazienki-Park. The drive back home to Konin was even funnier than the drive to Warsaw and as we got home, we were so tired that we just fell into our beds. 

Max Rößler 

Day 7: 

On Friday, we met at 7 o’clock at school. We got into the bus and in one hour we were at a place next to the river. Everyone had to choose a partner, a kayak and to put on a lifejacket. The guides told us some hints and then we started. Unfortunately, it began to rain. Although it was lot of fun and the area around the river was so wonderful. We drove back home by bus and everybody was so tired. After a few hours of free time we got together at school and had a little goodbye ceremony. The parents of the polish students made a big buffet with typical polish food, tasty cakes and salad. There was also a disco were all of us enjoyed to dance, sing and have fun. We got to know some new songs in each language. At the end some of our new made friends started crying because they won’t see their friends for a long time. We had to go home early because on the next day we had to wake up at 4 o’clock for the reason that the train left at 6 a.m.  

Anja Birker 



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