Bilingualer Unterricht

After learning about the periodic table of elements we carried out  different experiments to find out  their properties. We found out that substances brought into electric circuits were able to conduct electricity when dissolved e.g. in water. Solutions contain positively and negatively charged ions. So saltwater is conducting electricity, and a lightbulb in the circiut may start to glow whereas sugar in water has no other effect than sweetening it.

We also saw that the bigger the reactants surface is the quicker a chemical reaction runs. Plastic syringes caught gas developing from a effervescent tablet after having contact with water. It came up to four times faster when we pulverized the tablet before we added the water. The gas turned out to be carbon dioxide, as it extinguished a candle when flowing over it.


At last we saw that cooling a testtube with melted wax in it will lead to water steam which may  help the hot wax to a very big surface and lead to a very quick oxidation.

4FR and Dr. Eva Gergely


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