The European Union

 Creating a Handbook

During the last five geography lessons “The European Union” was an interesting topic the 6B dealt with. In an open form of learning the students worked through different stations on worksheets, and with the help of these worksheets, they created a handbook on their laptops. Using the Internet and their textbooks the students solved the tasks and they did their own detailed research on this topic as well. Afterwards every student had an EU-Handbook with an individually designed cover and all the relevant information concerning the European Union. Furthermore, we had an exhibition about the European Union at our school. This exhibition was also used by other classes to work on this topic. On the 21st of December we were also visited by Mr. Mag. Stefan Börger, from the department of “Europe and External Relations”, who gave a very interesting presentation about the EU with a following lively discussion. 

Prof. Mag. Melanie Degold


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