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Raumeinteilung für den Elternsprechtag

Comenius project - Visit in Austria

The last exchange of the Comenius project took place in Judenburg. 24 students from Denmark, Italy and Poland arrived on Friday, 20th and stayed till Tuesday, 24th of April with our families. During these days we had lots of fun and participated in a number of different activities.

On Saturday we had breakfast in school and after some getting-to-know activities we went to the chocolate factory ‘Zotter’. There we could taste different sorts of chocolate. We all enjoyed the visit a lot and some of us even felt slightly sick after tasting all the different chocolates there.  Afterwards we took a walk through the zoo and then we continued our trip to the Riegersburg. When it was time to go home our bus broke down and so we had to wait. But this wasn’t so bad at all as we could get to know our hosts a bit better. Some of us played UNO, but with totally different rules. This was great fun! Some boys played football and the rest sat on the street and tried to learn words in the languages of our hosts or taught them some German. Even the teachers took it with humour. The teachers from abroad talked to us while our teachers went to find a restaurant where we could all have dinner together.
On Sunday we weren’t as lucky concerning the weather as on Saturday. Because of the rain the programme had to be changed. Unfortunately we couldn’t go hiking. Some of our guests were quite sad about that because they had been looking forward to going to the mountains. Instead, we stayed in school, observed animals by microscope with our headmaster and played in the gym, went to the planetarium and watched a film. In the evening we all had pizza at school. 


On Monday we had different sports and science workshops in school. After lunch we were guided through Judenburg and then we had time to go shopping. In the evening we learned how to dance traditional Polka and Waltz, then we got our certificates and soon it was time to say goodbye to all the students. It has become a tradition that the teachers from abroad prepare a speech on their last day – in the language of the hosting country.

Even though our guests had some problems with German grammar and with pronouncing German words, we liked their speech a lot:
Liebe Öesterische Partners. Jetz gibt das die Zeit für uns "Auf Wiedersehen" sagen.
Wir haben viele gute und Inspirations-Erfahrung gehabt, von "Bus-Katastrophe" bis zum Öesterische Kultur erfahren.
Wir sind sehr dankbar für Ihre Gastfreundlichkeit und Ihre Freundlichkeit.
Wir haben wie ins unsere eigener Haus gefühlt und Sie haben sehr große Achtung zu unsere Wünsche den Apfelstrudel zu kosten gegeben.
Wir gehen jetz nach Hause mit eine Tasche voll mit gute Erfahrungen.
Wir danken Ihnen für diese Besuch in Österreich so glücklig und mit viele Spass gemacht haben. Danke schön und Grüß Gott.
We are glad that our guests enjoyed their stay. We all had a great time and lots of fun. Everyone made many new friends and said that they were glad to join the project and to meet the others. It was also a nice experience and we spoke much English in those days.
Finally we want to say thank you to the teachers, Prof. Leitner, Prof. Prenn-Schirtzinger and Prof. Fiechtl who organised the exchange. We hope that our school will get the chance to participate in another Comenius project soon. 

Theresa Hofer, Judith Steinwidder  5c


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