Parents‘ Night

Ireland is incredibly diverse in terms of culture, and all the students appreciated our stay in Ireland, so we, the sixth formers, decided that we should organise an event, where we could share all the impressions we gained during our week in Galway and Dublin. Our so-called “Parents’ Night” took place on the 21st of May and was a great success: many people came and they all seemed to have a great time.

With an interesting programme, we tried to inform and entertain the visitors at the same time. Some students acted out some funny moments (a bus ride with an overly talkative bus driver/a typical day); others presented the places we stayed at and typical Irish things. Lastly, a film, which one of the students, Julia Pabst, had made, was shown. After the main programme, our guests had the chance to grab some Irish “pub grub” and taste what is renowned as Ireland’s most famous beer – Guinness.


Once more, I would like to thank all our teachers for the amazing time we had with them in Ireland, it was a pleasure to go there with you. Yet, I’d also like to say a thank you to everybody who contributed to the success of our “Parents’ Night” – it all went down very smoothly thanks to all of you.


(Georg Pickl, 6B)


Special thanks to Georg for planning and organising this evening. Without his dedication and patience this evening would never have been such a success. He didn’t lose patience and kept his cool when some others already thought of giving up.

THANKS A MILLION, dear Georg!!!!




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