Erasmus+: Exchange

Erasmus+ Report on the 1st  Student’s Exchange in Gandìa/Spain from the  7th – 14th March 2016

1st day in Spain:

Tired but thrilled we started our journey to Gandìa in Spain on Monday the 7th of March. Because the train to the airport in Graz left at 6:43 a.m., we had to get up early in the morning and spent the train trip trying not to fall asleep. After a short toilet break at the airport, our plane took off to Zürich. For many of us it was the first flight and so we were all very excited and couldn’t wait to get on the plane. Although it first was a strange feeling to fly, we all  enjoyed it. After one hour of waiting on the airport of Zürich, which we spent staring at people and doing nothing, our plane to Valencia finally took off. After a flight which lasted at least two hours, we were all glad to touch town safely in Valencia. We had finally arrived in Spain. Although the weather wasn’t that nice and it was raining, it was such a great feeling being there. Then we took the train from Valencia to Gandìa. The train journey was relaxing compared to the exciting flights. Finally we arrived in Gandìa at five o’clock. At the train station in Gandìa the host families were already waiting for us. We were all very thrilled when we first saw each other and could get to know each other better. As I arrived at my host family’s house I was really surprised that they didn’t put off their shoes when entering. But I soon got used to it and was looking forward to learning more about their culture. After the short stay at “home” and although we were very tired, we all met again in town to have some fun. Our new Spanish friends invited us for a milkshake in a little café in Gandìa. After we had seen a small part of Gandìa we got back to our friend’s house and had the first dinner with our host families. So a wonderful day in Spain ended, but in the end we were all very pleased that we finally were able to get some sleep.

Katharina Hammer, Viktoria Petritsch, Verena Fössl


2nd day in Spain:

The day started at 9 o'clock with a tour through the city of Gandìa which was done by the headmaster of our partner school. The tour began with taking a look at some special places of Gandìa. After a few beautiful places we visited the "El Palacio Ducal" which is famous because of its special religious meaning "Jesuits". Some of the floors and mosaics are from the 15th century which is very impressive to see. After this tour we had a short lunch break. At 12 o'clock we visited the town hall of Gandìa where we met the major of the city. After this we went home to get our clothes for the beach, but before we went to the beach we played football with all the other children. When we arrived at the beach some of us changed the clothes and went into the sea. After this great but also very cold experience we went back to the downtown of Gandìa where we went through the streets.

Martin Steinwender


3rd day in Spain

After a short night and a good breakfast we set off to school. On the way we bought a sandwich for break and met in front of the school gate at half pas eight. The weather was very sunny and it was one of the best days in the whole week. At first we had to wait, till the teachers arrived and we passed the time with playing lots of games in English, Spanish and German. When our teachers arrived we went together to the “Espurna”. This is a house where people with disabilities work and live. They welcomed us in a friendly way and after a short introduction we were allowed to work. With support from the handicapped people we were diligently working. We created a mosaic with lots of tiny colourful pieces. We assembled many small pieces together using glue. This was great fun, because after that the glue was spread all over the workshop – also on our hands and fingers. While our pieces of arts had to dry we visited a close building where accommodation for people with special needs is offered. After the visit of the 15 flats in the accommodation exchange students prepared a Spanish tradition. They blew up lots of colourful balloons. Then we returned to the workshop “Espurna” and all balloons were burst in order to copy the noise of a real “Valencian maskleta”. After that we went back to school and ate there. We had “Paella” for lunch. This is the traditional meal of Spain and it is made with rice, vegetables and meat (chicken and / or rabbits). For dessert we had yoghurt with fruits.

After lunch we went back to “Espurna” and finished our work, we grouted the mosaic with a sort of joint compound. Finally all works were very beautiful and gorgeous.

In the evening, we met together with all the Spanish and Austrian students to a shopping centre. After a great shopping tour, we went to a restaurant and had our dinner there. Finally, we got home at ten o’clock and were happy to be in bed. 

Weiss Victoria


4th day in Spain

The 10th was most the beautiful day of our journey. Our day started at 9 o’clock at the train station. There we first met our friends and their exchange students. Before we got into the bus we had told our friends the breaking news about the night and the family. The bus trip to Valencia took an hour. During our bus trip, we played some games.

At 10 o’clock we luckily arrived in Valencia. The weather in Valencia was nice. It had 23 degrees. Our first sight in Valencia that we visited the Torres de Serranos. The Torres de Serranos are two old towers, which stand in the middle of Valencia. These two towers are from the year 1865.

Afterwards we were able to see one of the smallest houses in Valencia. It is only 1,50m wide and has 5 floors.

After the small house we visited a cathedral. This cathedral is called Lonja de la Seda. It is from the year 1469. We visited it also on the inside. Besides, this building is so big and high and has got a very nice inner courtyard with lots of trees. All these trees are orange trees and carried lots of fruits. After our guided tour through Lonja de la Seda we went step by step to the next attraction.

The next attraction that we saw, was the biggest market in Valencia. This market is very special because you can only buy fresh fruits, fish, cheese and meat. This market hall is one of the biggest in Valencia and has got  many kinds of fruit, cheese, meat and fish. On top of this at the fish shops you have got some fish which are alive. That was fascinating. One shop had 30 eels in one little pool. At this market you also have to be very careful because of the robbers. We had to take our bags in front of our chest. In the whole city you have to be very careful because there are so many people and it is easy to take your bag and disappear within the crowd of people.

 After the fresh fruits, which we had bought, we were full of energy to go ahead to the next attraction but before that we had time to buy some souvenirs and presents. In this free time we gave the poor birds of Valencia some bread.

Our next stop after the break was the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. This is one of the biggest places in Valencia and has a very big fountain. At this place every year the famous Mascletà takes place. The Mascletà is a very big firework dating from the 1st March until the 19th March. It happens every day stating from 2 p.m. This firework only took only 10 minutes when we were there. At this Mascletà the whole Plaza del Ayuntamiento is visited by people. There were young kids, teenagers, men and women.

 After Mascletà we went back to the bus station, where we had arrived. At the bus station the bus driver was already waiting. We got in and went by bus to the Museu de les Ciencies. This museum is very famous and so beautiful. It isn’t like a normal museum, it is very modern from the inside and the outside. After the arrival we had some free time to take photos from us and the buildings. We stayed at this museum until 4p.m. and then we went back to Gandìa. The bus trip took also only an hour.

When we arrived at the train station in Gandìa it was half past 5 p.m. . We said goodbye to our teachers and our friends and went home.

 After our arrival at home we drank and ate something. Afterwards we went in the city of Gandia with all students of Austria and their exchange students. In the city we went shopping, played some games and had dinner.

Julian Rieger & Ulrich Spitzer


5th day in Spain

On Friday the 11th  of March we visited Xàbia and Altea. After a short night and a delicious breakfast we met at the train station and went by bus to the harbour. We didn’t know where we were going. Later we realized that we will would take a boat to Xàbia. The cruise with the boat was very funny and of course everyone liked it. This was the highlight of the day especially when we were allowed to sit on the nets of the catamaran which are fixed so that we could feel the water splashing through. It was a beautiful trip.

When we arrived in Xàbia we went by bus in the centre of the city where we had some free-time. During this time we had lunch, took photos of the sea or walked around.  Xàbia is a beautiful city with a beautiful beach. The Sea is very clear and the beach is really clean. It is a real secret insider tip  spending holiday.

After this beautiful stay we went by bus further to Altea. We (the Austrian delegation) were looking for an ice-cream while we had free-time again. We went to the port wall where we climbed some rocks. Of course, we also took a lot of photos and relaxed. After 2 hours of free time we went by bus back to Gandìa. This was one of the best days of the week.  Back in Gandìa each of us went home to our host family.  At 7 o’clock, we had to meet at school for a party for the students in which the Spanish-people made a presentation about the last 5 days while we prepared the room for the party. At the party there were all the host-parents, siblings and the teachers. We had a review of the week and the project. Later we had dinner at school.

After 2 hours we went to the town for a “last milkshake”. After that we enjoyed the last evening together. Later we celebrated with our host-family.

Everyone had a great time in Gandìa. We all are very thankful being part in this project, meeting new people, learning about other cultures and having new experiences with disabled people. We are looking forward to February to meeting these amazing people again in Austria in February.

Anna-Theresa Bischof


6th day in Spain

Today it was time to leave the city Gandia. We had to say goodbye to all of the families and friends we met there. We had a great experience and funny times with these people and before we left, we took some pictures with all our Spanish friends and the families. They were all really friendly people and we enjoyed the time with them a lot.

After we took the pictures, we said goodbye to all of them and left Gandia by train. On the way to Valencia, we were all talking, about the funny and the boring times with our families. We were all sad about leaving the families and our new friends we met in Gandia.

 It took us about an hour to get to the city Valencia. As we arrived in the beautiful city of Valencia, we had to find our hotel. As we were searching for the Petit Palace Hotel, we had the chance to look at the surroundings of our stay. As we saw a part of the city, we were very excited to walk through the streets of Valencia. The buildings have an old building-style, but at the inside, it is modern built.

Because we knew about where the hotel was it did not take us long to find it. After we found the hotel, we checked in and went into our rooms. The hotel was very nice, because it was very modern and the reception was friendly too.

Later on, we went to the shopping-street. There they had two shopping centres and many other shops. It only took us about 15 minutes to get there and then we had one-hour shopping time. We could only go to a few shops, because we did not have the amount of time we needed for all of the shops. However, the teachers promised us, that we would go to this street again, before we fly back to Austria.

Then  we met  again to go to a place where we could eat a snack together, but we could not find a place to sit, because it was so busy, that is why we went to a fast-food-restaurant called “Tele-Pizza”. After we ate our food, which tasted very good, we went back to the hotel. As we got there the teachers told us, when we had to meet up again and then we went into our room.

Thomas Reiter


7th day in Spain

We started our day at 8 o’clock in a beautiful city which is called Valencia. We got ready for breakfast and met at half past nine in the lobby of the hotel. Then we went to Starbucks. We ate cookies, pieces of cake and we drank coffee and fresh fruit juice. After this we were in a park where we chilled until the bus arrived. On the trip to one of the biggest aquariums of Europe which is called “l’oceanogràfic”, we saw many different buildings and a bullfighting arena where a bullfight took place and many people queuef up for it. In the aquarium we watched a dolphin show and saw many animals living in the water. We saw seals, ducks, fish, flamingos and also many fascinating sharks, which were the best. At the shark tank, we could walk through a tunnel and watched these great animals around us. After this we went by a double-decker bus to the beach of Valencia. We ate at a burger restaurant, took beautiful photos and collected shells at the wonderful sandy beach. Later we went back to the city by bus. After an amazing and exhausting day we had dinner and we took an amusing shopping tour through a mall. Back at the hotel we talked about the last week, ate the sweets that were left and packed the suitcase for the trip back to Austria on the next day.


Alexandra Papst

8th day in Spain

It was a cold and cloudy day in Valencia when our journey started back home to Judenburg. We got up at 8 o’clock and went to Starbucks’ coffee for a little breakfast. After   breakfast we hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the drive to the airport. At around 10 am. we went to the local Metro station and drove to the airport. We were very excited and wanted to see our families at home.

 After a fast check-in we went through the security control to our gate. There we had to wait for around 50 minutes so we used the time to shop around in the duty free zone. At 12 o’clock we entered the Lufthansa A321 to head to Frankfurt Airport. Some of us were very nervous. After the take-off we got a fantastic view around the city of Valencia. We headed north and had a nice climb through the clouds. After reaching the top of the flight attitude the cabin crew began to serve some drinks and food. Some played games on their mobile phones to pass the time of the flight. Unfortunately there was no on board TV so we didn’t know where we were. Prof. Fiechtl was sleeping nearly the whole flight also the others were listening to music or looking out of the window. Above Germany we started our decent towards Frankfurt and we also had a smooth landing. During our waiting time in Frankfurt we logged in the free WIFI Zone as quickly as possible to check messages or news of our friends and families. After a boring waiting time we entered our E190 to Graz. We saw an impressive sunset above the clouds, most of us took lots of photos out of the aircraft. We were quite surprised when we flew above the Murtal, our home. After the landing in Graz we phoned our parents to tell them that we had landed safely, we also waited for our bus back home. During the “journey” back home we had a lot of fun with our teachers. At our homes we unpacked our things and went to bed very late.

So all in all it was a very funny but also a hard day for us. We were also glad to be back home.

Mathias Moitzi, Mathias Reiter






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