Intensive English

We, the students of the 4a, experienced three great project days from Monday, the 20th to Wednesday, the 22nd of March.

Adam who is a native speaker from London entered our classroom on the first day and started talking to us like a real buddy! He taught us lots of new things and told us plenty of facts about his private life. He laughed with us and we played different games, but of course we did some fun talking and writing exercises too. We even spent two hours on the sports ground of our school and played some ball games. All of us played handball and murder ball against each other. But Adam also wanted us to go outside to do something productive while enjoying Judenburg's fresh air. We had to work on tasks, e.g. find out things that we have in common with our classmates. By the way, we had the chance to demonstrate how well we know the surroundings of our school building. We did a treasure hunt! Almost every group was able to find thirty-nine out of forty objects, but at the very end Adam had to show us the last wanted item. Anyway, on the last day, we had to do a short presentation of whatever topic we wanted to in groups of four people. The topics were Donald Trump, Adam (our native speaker), Disney, dancing, McDonald’s and Nutella.

Unfortunately, we had to say "goodbye!" after only three days of sheer fun! Adam thought us some cool stuff and was really humorous all day long. We will miss him and hope that we are going to re-experience this great time again later on because I think our English improved a lot!

Adam, if you read this, we all want to tell you one more time that you're just awesome!!!

Darius Brata, 4a


“I think the English days were great, because they were informative but also funny. Our native speaker was a very nice guy.” (Jana Tiffner 4f)

“It was enjoyable, because he told us a lot about the USA and we played many games to improve our English.” (Christoph Traußnig 4f)

“The English project was very nice and it was a great experience to speak with a native. Our native speaker was a nice guy and he did cool stuff with us. Overall it was a great experience and I’d like to do something like this again.” (Rene Rinner 4f)

“We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Most important is that the fear of speaking English is gone.” (Kilian Zefferer 4f)

“The funniest thing was the baseball game. Although we didn’t win, it was great.” (Sarah Stadlmann 4f)

“Our English project was quite funny – we played a lot of English games and our native speaker was a funny guy and of course we talked a lot in English.” (Tamara Wieser 4f)

“It was rich in variety and the native speakers were very likeable.” (Martin Schachner 4e)

“I liked the project with the native speaker. It was very funny and cool.” (Manuel Scheucher 4e)


In March our class had the chance to experience 3 days English “non-stop”. Our native speaker Adam did a lot of funny activities with us. On the first day we played a lot of games to get to know each other. We started a film project. Our class was divided into groups and thought about a fantasy superhero. On the next day we filmed a trailer of our superhero story. It took us a long time to produce the trailer but it was funny. Adam helped us a lot and we learned not to feel uncomfortable speaking English. On the last day of our project we watched all our trailers and ate pizza. It was an amazing time. Thank you Adam!

Julia Pacher, 4b


From Tuesday the 28th to Thursday the 31st we had an English project together with the class 4E. Our teacher was Adam. He’s a native speaker from England. He likes diving and Rugby. On Tuesday we got to know each other and we got some information about the project we had to do. It was a presentation about a superhero who was created by ourselves and a short trailer about our superhero. On Wednesday we did sports and filmed our trailer.On Thursday we finished the posters, played a game and showed our trailer to Adam, Jason, Mrs. Felfer and our classmates.

It was a lot of fun and an amazing experience talking English the whole time.

Thank you!

Lisa Walch, 4b


Last week we had a really great English project with James, a native speaker from Texas. I have really enjoyed the project. We played lots of games like baseball or a line game. It was great fun. It wasn't a problem to talk English all the time. On the first day, it was a little bit difficult to understand James, but on the second day talking English all the time was already normal. Of course we talked a lot of English because James couldn't understand us otherwise.

I think I have improved my English a lot. At the end of the project I was able to speak English without thinking too much about using the right vocabulary!

Clarissa Joham, 4f


Last Monday we had an English project in school. A native speaker called James taught our class from Monday to Wednesday. He was a tall guy and came from Houston, Texas.

We did some exercises, for example everybody had to introduce himself/herself with the help of a worksheet James had handed out before. We also went on a treasure hunt around the school area.

I especially liked that we played baseball because I love doing sports in general and baseball is actually quite fun.

All in all I can only recommend such an English project. You have a lot of fun and you improve your English skills very quickly. It's definitely worth the money.

Lukas Pabst, 4f


“The three days with Jason were amazing. The games and exercises were very funny and entertaining too. He is Liverpool fan and so we talked a lot about soccer!” (Luca Fritz, 4c)

“I really enjoyed the English project with Jason. He is a very nice guy and it was really interesting to talk to him.” (Laura and Anabelle, 4c)


“I don’t like speaking English very much, but I really think that this project helped me to feel more comfortable. I really enjoyed it!” (Lara Fattinger, 4c)



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