A bilingual project

Unter diesem Motto fanden sich am 27.10.2017 die beiden bilingualen Klassen 4B und 4F zu einem besonderen Anlass im Festsaal ein. Prof. Mag. Wilding organisierte im Rahmen des bilingualen GW-Unterrichts einen Workshop vom EuropeDirect-Team des Landes Steiermark zum Thema EU und Europa! Ein Dankeschön dafür gilt dem Vortragenden Mag. Manuel Payer, der mit den Schülerinnen und Schülern Europa-Themen in englischer Sprache hervorragend erarbeitete. Vielen Dank auch an Dir. HR Mischlinger sowie an Prof. Mag. Stoxreiter und Prof. Mag. Schlacher für ihre Teilnahme.  

The project originally started in Prof. Wilding’s geography lesson. With the help of a booklet entitled “Let’s explore Europe” the students created presentations and posters about several different topics concerning Europe such as languages and climate. The workshop with Mag. Payer on October 27th began with brainstorming about the EU. Highly motivated students came up with plenty of ideas – for example Schengen, the Euro, possible EU candidates, member states as well as Brexit – which all became topics in the workshop later. A discussion was created around the European Union’s slogan “United in Diversity” – a contradictory statement, which can be viewed as a “recipe for success” after more thorough examination. Students learned that actually diversity and differences are what make the European Union strong in terms of its united wish for a Europe of peace, safety and freedom. Another interesting topic discussed was Brexit and its effects. Mag. Manuel Payer ended the workshop with a Quiz that also provided students with EU goodies such as mugs, flags, umbrellas, water bottles and much more! A very exciting bilingual project for 4B and 4F. 

Prof. Mag. Eva-Maria Wilding


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