Once again our school was visited by Adam Dowell and his team of Adventures in English in October this year. The fourth grades were able to gain more confidence and to develop their English speaking skills in an exciting way. They did this through games, projects, movie making and many other activities.  Furthermore, they learned a lot about British culture and traditions. Here are some of their impressions:

We really liked the English Project because:

Adam our native speaker was a really funny guy and we learned a lot.

We did quizzes and painted pictures and Adam assessed them.

And we also played some games like American Football and Dodgeball.

All in all, the days were very cool and great fun.

Thank you Adam!   Björn Wölfler, Christian Streibl 4E

In our English Project we had fun and we learned a lot of things. We spoke English all the time and it was very interesting. We played funny and exciting games and ate pizza and kebab. We had three great days. What we liked best was the treasure hunt. We had to take photos of the objects we had on a list. It was very cool.  Felix Wieser & Lara Winkler 4E


We played lots of games and we had fun. We asked the teacher many questions about his life, which was very interesting. On the last day we went on a treasure hunt; we got a sheet of paper with lots of English words on it. Then we had to take photos of cars and many other things. After this we ate a pizza and kebab !!!!   Sothea Willner, Julia Wolfinger 4E


We had an English project with two native speakers. There was Jason from Liverpool and Adam from London. Although I already knew them from the English camp I went to with my friend in the summer break, it was good to see them again! Our teacher was Jason. I remember that we drew a picture. Jason gave us instructions of how and what we should draw. We also had to create our own superhero and present it to our and the 4E class with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. We also played games outside like a treasure hunt or a quiz. The things I liked best were probably the pizza and the treasure hunt! I would definitely recommend taking part in this project next year! It was really fun and an interesting experience! I also have the feeling that my English speaking skills have improved!  Magdalena Bojer, 4F

On the first day of our English project we got to know the English teacher Jason and we made a list of what we wanted to do in the project. I liked the three days and there isn’t anything that I didn’t like! And for sure, I would recommend this great project for the next year! Sabine Großegger, 4F

The best three days in my life On the first day in the first lesson Jason learned our names. Then we played a lot of games which was great fun. One day we went outside and there we enjoyed the nature and we made a scavenger hunt. Another day we had to give a presentation in a team. We presented superman. I liked best that we ordered pizza on the last day. Karl Frewein, 4F


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