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As every year we went to the event centre in Judenburg to watch a play of the Vienna’s English theatre called the Visit. It’s about three students who live in a student house in a provincial university town. One of this three is a girl called Abby, who is a young woman from a lower middle-class background, who studies Drama and English. Besides her there is Jez a posh boy who studies Sports and Science and then there is Lewis a clever likeable extrovert who reads Politics.

The play starts with these three having a party in their flat when suddenly the doorbell rings. As they open the door detective Teena Whitsom enters. At first, they don’t realize what is going on until the detective tells them that a girl committed suicide. Each of them claims that they aren’t involved in this case. But the detective doesn’t believe them and questions them.

The first, Abby, states that she hasn’t done anything wrong and that she doesn’t know the girl at all. Then suddenly there is a flashback which shows a confrontation between Abby and the dead girl Lucy. In this fight Abby accused Lucy to be a boyfriend stealer.

The second interrogation reveals that Jez had a relationship with a girl called Charlie which now seems to be Lucy. They hooked up a few times and months later Charlie told Jez that she was pregnant. Jez went crazy about this news and forced her to get an abortion.

The third and the last person Lewis tells the detective that he met this girl a few months ago at the Glastonbury music festival and that she was called Jade. As time went by Jade visited Lewis because he is dealing with drugs and she needed another dose of cocaine.

After the questioning they all feel very guilty and realize that they all know the girl with the several identities. As the detective leaves they get the impression that the whole questioning was a teenager’s joke. So, Abby calls the police station and asks for detective Teena Whitsom. She finds out that in reality detective Teena Whitsom doesn’t exist and that everything happened to be a hoax.

Later on, they suppose that the detective was another identity of the girl originally called Lucy.

At the end of the play Jez gets a phone call which informs him that a girl committed suicide on the campus.

All in all the whole play was a success and we all really enjoyed watching it.

Paula Schnedl, Alexandra Papst 7af





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