Ireland project 6a - 6b


March, 27th

Finally we're in Ireland! It took us quite some time before we arrived in Galway - exhausted and tired - where we met our hostfamilies. All of us were really excited what they would be like, and we were all lucky to be welcomed by very friendly and warm-hearted people.


March 28th

After having seen the Burren, we went to the famous Cliffs of Moher. They're breathtaking because the cliffs provide a great view of the Atlantic Ocean.


March 29th

Today we went on a full-day-trip to the Connemara National Park, which was really impressive and relaxing in comparrison to our journey from Judenburg to Galway. We can only recommend traveling to Ireland and living in nice families as we do!


March 30th

Today was our first day at school. We had great lessons and got to know several teachers who supplied us with interesting information. In the afternoon we went on a city tour through Galway with our guides. It was an amazing day, because the weather was quite good.
Lovely warmhearted people, the Irish!


March 31st

What a nice day at school!
It's so different from home: school starts late (quite convenient) and ends early. That's why we have plenty of free time.  Although we had class on the morning and in the afternoon, we spent most of the time in the city shopping or hanging around with our firends. Our English; espescially the spoken English, has already improved - that's for sure. In daily life situations, here in Galway, we are now a bit more self - confident and we the 6a and 6b went to a nice Irish Pub called "Taffees". (Due to a special compromise we were allowed in there although we are still underage)
All in all we had a great time there with our teachers listening to the authentic Irish music and one of the boys even started to dance. (couldn't have been any better!)


April 1st

April, April! Although our day at school was quite amusing we had a lot of work to do, like writing essays or discussing several topics. It was our last but one day at school, but tomorrow we're going to have class in the morning and in the afternoon. That going to be hard work! But soon it will be to say "goodbye". But we're not really looking forward to that ... So let;s talk about today:
After lunch-break we met up at the pub, we had visited the day before, in order to get ready for our walk to "Atlantaquarium". There we had the chance to see plenty of exotic fish and many other animals, that live in the sea surrounding. After arriving in the city rather tired, we chilled at Eyre square enjoying our refreshing smoothies.


April 2nd

We really enjoyed our last day at school, especially when we got our certificate. It actually made us a bit proud!
The “Irish Dance Workshop” in the evening was great fun, because some of us joined the group dancing traditional Irish dances. We didn't always know what we were doing, but we really enjoyed ourselves.


April 3rd

At one o'clock Friday morning we started our journey back home. Almost everyone was sleeping during the bus drive to Dublin Airport (Two and a half hours sleep in one night. How relaxing...) A 3 hour flight followed. When we arrived in Treviso near Venice / Italy a comfortable bus was already waiting for our two classes to drive us home.



The week in Ireland was a really impressive experience for all of us! We improved our English, we got to know a new culture and the people of our classes, 6A and 6B, got closer than they were before this trip. It was simply amazing and we certainly won't forget our impressions of Ireland










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