More adventures in English!

Also, this year, students of the 4th grade were eagerly looking forward to new adventures in the English language. Once more Adam Dowell and his international team from “Adventures in English” visited our school and took the students on their personal English adventure. Through games, movie making, sports and many other activities the fourth grades were able to gain more confidence and to increase their English-speaking skills.
In addition, they learned more about the British and South African culture. Here are some of their impressions:

I really liked Adam’s humor, I also like the movie trailer we made. We all got different nicknames. I also like the different games that we played. The only thing I didn’t like is that the project is already over. 

To be honest, I totally loved it. It was great fun and it’s definitely one of the best experiences that I have made. It’s sad that the English Adventure’s team is gone. They better visit us again! I loved the way we were all working together, and we laughed a lot.

What I really liked about the English project was the drawings that we made. Jason described the place where he lived, and this was quite interesting as well. What I also liked was us playing, particularly the scavenger hunt outside was great fun. Another game I remember is red light – green light – it’s a game from a movie called Squid Game. 

The English-project was really cool and it helped me to improve my English a lot! Mag.a Ilse Prenn



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