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Certificate in Advanced English

In June – shortly after we had passed the written exams of our Matura – some of us decided to take an exam by “Cambridge Assessment English” in order to acquire a certificate in advanced English. The standardised exam was carried out by “WIFI Graz” and consisted of several parts: reading comprehension, use of English, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. The oral part included a monologue about a given topic, but it also required dialogical skills as we had to discuss certain issues with another student. Having completed all the tasks we were curious about our results, however, of course, we had to wait until our performances were officially evaluated. When our results finally turned up in our inbox, they aroused lots of enthusiasm – some of us even obtained grade A which refers to level C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Our brilliant scores show what eight years of English lessons and additional motivation to devote ourselves to the reception and exercise of the English language helped us accomplish.

The “Certificate in Advanced English” is a high-level qualification recognised by universities, employers and governments in many countries around the globe. Undoubtedly, it will not only refine our CVs, but also serve as an assurance leading to more confidence when applying the English language in everyday life, but especially in a professional setting. Anyhow, learning a language knows no limits – the passing of this exam is only a stage of a journey that will last for a lifetime. In my eyes, the importance of learning foreign languages cannot be stressed enough. Mastery of the English language and, certainly, that of other foreign languages has become a key prerequisite for international communication. Language certificates such as CAE are therefore a very expedient achievement.

If we had not received the education that we did, we would not have been fit to take the mentioned exam. Therefore, we want to kindly thank all our English teachers who significantly shaped our linguistic development throughout eight years. 

Jonas Mösslacher / Graduated in June 2021 

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