Intensivsprachtage der 6A and 6B

It is tradition for the 6th graders to have a school trip to Ireland for progressing their English skills. Sadly, this school year no journey could take place. 
As a replacement, the native speakers Jason and Richard from the UK and Dave from South Africa spent three days with us. The main goal in these three days of the project was to gain confidence in talking and using English and learn more about culture. 
While on Monday and Wednesday the native speakers came to our school and the lessons consisted of playing games, doing talk rounds, and sometimes discussing a little bit of grammar, on Tuesday the two classes went to Graz. We were able to get an insight in and a campus tour of Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz and afterwards took on the role of tour guides to show Jason, Dave and Richard the most famous tourist attractions. Eating at a real Irish Pub and the following Pub-Quiz made the day truly special. Last but not least, we got the opportunity to watch the new movie “Jurassic World Dominion” in the KIZ Royal Cinema in the original language, which was of course English.
We are now able to look back at three fun, adventurous days and want to say thank you to Jason, Dave and Richard and of course to our English teachers.

Maximiliane Setznagel, 6A 



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