CEI 2008: July, 6th – July 12th

This year, Aalborg, Denmark, was playing host to the CEI (Caretakers of Environment International) conference. At this environmental meeting there were approximately 240 people from 17 different countries, and among all the groups there was a delegation from our school (Mr Mischlinger, Ms Ressler, Florian Uhl and Lucas Oppeneigner).


The conference offered great opportunities to meet people from all over the world, but apart from that there was also an educational and especially environmental aspect. This year’s conference was entitled “Environment, Sustainability and Renewable Energy”. During the conference the students gave presentations of their projects. The Austrians had investigated hydropower plants and dealt with the question whether they are a sustainable way of producing energy. The presentation was prepared in BEE during last school year when the students went to the Granitzenbach and had a closer look at the local hydropower plant there. In the course of their studies the pupils found out that hydropower plants cause an ecological impact on biodiversity as well as individual density.
Concerning energy, everybody learned a lot. Not only did we visit a coal power plant, we also went on an excursion to an energy centre where new and alternative forms of energy are tested. What we saw there made us hope that there will be a lot of changes in energy production in the near future.
During the conference we also got the chance to attend a workshop on windmills. Our students could prove that they were real energy specialists. In the quiz that followed the workshop, Lucas and Florian both led their teams to victory. – Lucas could answer all the questions on windmills extremely well, and Florian might become a famous engineer one day as at present he is already very good at finding the ideal position for placing windmills in a certain area.
During the conference, there was also some time to socialise. The football match on Wednesday evening for instance gave the Austrians a chance to show that they are not as bad at playing soccer as everybody believes.
One of the highlights of the week was the cultural evening on Thursday. The different nations showed or performed something typical of their country. Lucas and Florian appeared in “Lederhosen” that evening and made the audience cheer immediately. After having seen the boys “schuhplatteln”, everybody was convinced that “Steirermen are (indeed) very good”… The boys’ excellent performance had a great impact on some of the other students. – The Scottish were eager to learn that specific kind of Austrian dance and were even seen “schuhplatteln” on the last evening in the disco.
The boys did a great job in representing the BG/BRG Judenburg. Pictures of Lucas and Florian could be found in the “CEI Daily Press” every morning and they were even asked for an interview. At the end of the conference we were cordially invited to attend the next conference in Scotland and we were assured that we would be most welcomed to stay there next year. Of course, we would love to continue going to CEI conferences. Meeting people from all different countries is an enormous enrichment, not only because of the diversity between the cultures, but also because of the unity – we all care for the environment and we must continue to do so!
Special thanks to following organisations for sponsoring our trip to Denmark:
OnTop-Wissenswert, Mag. Barbara Pirker, Hans-Klöpferstraße 19, 8750 Judenburg
Elternverein des BG/BRG Judenburg
Mag. Jasmin Ressler



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