Comenius – Final project visit in Denmark

During the last 2 years the BG/BRG Judenburg has successfully participated in an EU funded Comenius project with the title “„Connecting Generations Through ExpressionsOf Different Arts“.  



From the 3rd – 8th April 2014 the last partners’ meeting took place in Denmark. The Danish partners had prepared a very tense programme for the exchange students: Steinwidder Florian, Scharf Bianca, Buchsteiner Thomas, Schusser Silke, Fessl Clara, Hollauf Franziska, Julia Pabst, Verena Knoll and the teachers Mag. Ilse Prenn and Mag. Bernd Fiechtl

Thursday, 3rd April 2014

The meeting point was at 9 o’clock in the morning at the train station in Judenburg, where we were waiting with our teachers for our train to Vienna. It took us more than two hours, including some intermediate stops, to go there. Arrived at the airport in Vienna, we straightaway flew to Copenhagen to make a stopover. There we had a quite long free time, where some of us nearly spent all of their Danish money. In the late afternoon we got into the airplane to Aalborg, our Danish friends hometown. Finally we landed in Aalborg after a long and exhausting day, where all of our Danish friends have been already waiting for us. We were so glad to see them after a very long year. Then the Austrians drove to their Danish home and everybody just looked so forward to going to bed.

Friday, 4th April 2014

After the welcome speech of the headmaster at 8 o’clock at school we were divided in three groups. During the day every group made three workshops. In the “Art Workshop” we drew pictures and pinned them all on a bigger sheet of paper so that we had one big picture. The Danish teacher Tine worked with us in the “Drama Workshop”. The exercises helped us to get to know each other in the group better and to work together in a group very well. In the last workshop the Danish students presented some very famous Danish painters, singers, bands, performers and authors. Between the lessons we had lunch together in the school hall. At a quarter past four the official programme ended and most of us kids went bowling before we went to bed.


Saturday, 5th April 2014

On Saturday we all met in the morning at the school at 8 o’clock in order to get on the bus. We were all quite excited because we planned to go to the end of the world. After a bus drive of about 1 ½ hours we arrived in Skagen. There our partners had organised an interesting guided tour in a museum of old Danish paintings. After the visit of the museum we had some time to walk around in Skagen and to get something to eat. Unfortunately the weather was not the best one so some of us just got into a coffee shop to drink some hot chocolate. After that we left for the “Grenen” which is Danish people also call the “End of the World”. This place is situated at the very north of Denmark and there you can see where the two oceans the North Sea and the East Sea meet. However, we were not very lucky because the weather was horrible. We had heavy rain and a lot of wind. But, the weather could not spoil our visit. Some of us took a long walk along the beach and others took funny pictures in the rain. Soaked and wet we returned to our bus and we continued our trip to a famous church that is half buried in the sand. Finally we arrived back in Aalborg in the evening where our host parents picked us up. Although we were quite tired we still did some activities with our hosts in the evening.

Sunday, 6th April 2014

On Sunday morning most of the Austrian people had a delicious breakfast by one host family, after that we went shopping in a mall, near the houses of our hosts and had lunch there. In the afternoon, every one made something with their host students, for example all the Austrian girls went to see Signe playing handball.

At 5:00 clock all the Comenius students, the Austrians, the Italians, the Polish and of course the Danish went together to an international church not far from the school. In the evening we had altogether lunch in school, which the host families had prepared for us.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of our traditional activities. We, the Austrians had danced “Polka” and the boys “Schuhplattelten”. Also the Italians danced something and the Polish people had prepared a chair game. The whole evening was really great fun.



Monday, 7th April 2014

That was the day on which a workshop with one of the most famous Danish vocal song groups was planned. We met in the morning as a building called “Platform 4” and started doing some singing exercises. The plan was to prepare a song with different voices which should be performed in the evening at the concert of Postyr Project. After the first singing exercises the members of the vocal group explained how they produced their music and also presented their technical devices, which was absolutely interesting. The rehearsal was quite difficult because we were not used to sing in a choir and even different voices but we managed. However some of us were quite nervous of the performance in the evening. For lunch we stayed at “Platform 4” and had some sandwiches.

In the afternoon our hosts showed us the city of Aalborg and then we had some time off to go shopping and have some coffee. Finally in the evening we met again at “Platform 4” for the concert of Postyr Project. They did an excellent performance and sang really thrilling songs and eventually it was our turn. We did quite a good job, although some of us sang out of tune but we enjoyed our first official pop concert a lot.

Last there was the farewell ceremony where we all got our certificates and we had to say goodbye to some of our friends.

Postyr Project: Go! Don't Stop!



Tuesday, 8th April 2014

On the last day of our journey we had some more hours to spend with our host families, and finally to meet our classmates and teachers at the airport. Fortunately we were able to sleep a bit longer than normally and after that we could spent our last time with our great host families- and siblings.

After we had to (sadly) say goodbye to our Danish friends we headed for our trip home. In one hand we were glad to be home but in the other hand we were sure that we’re going to miss the amazing time and especially the awesome people we got to know.


We’re all really thankful that we were able to be part of the great project ‘Comenius’. We had the honour to experience fantastic memories, which we’re sure we’ll never forget. We would of course like to thank Mr. Bernd Fiechtl and Mrs.IlsePrenn-Schirtzinger, because this wouldn’t have been possible without them.



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